• Known as: Horsfall's Morning Glory, Lady Doorly’s Morning Glory, Prince Kuhio Vine, Prince's Vine, Cardinal creeper
  • Place of origin: Jamaica, South America, Hawaii


  • Description: Evergreen flowering vine belonging to Convolvulaceae family. Glossy dark green foliage makes this an attractive vine especially when covered in  beautiful violet-magenta flowers. The dark green leaves are glossy and hand-like (palmate) with three to five lobes that are deeply cut. Flowers bear seed capsules which can disperse and germinate.
  • Grow best: A very fast-growing hardy vine native. Semi-shade areas. Loose soil with organic compost required. Moderate and regular watering. Germination from seed may be difficult. Re-growth with offsets emerging from tuberous roots may be possible.
  • Use: Ornamental. Looks impressive covering a pergola or a fence or adorning the verandah.