• Scientific name:  HEDERA helix 'Asterisk’ / Senecio macroglossus (variegated)
  • Place of origin: Southern Africa
  • Description: This ivy is a hardy, evergreen vine or groundcover. As a vine, it attaches itself by aerial rootlets to masonry walls and other surfaces such as tree trunks. It has small, glossy, light green leaves with five to seven deep, narrow lobes resembling an asterisk. Variegated species are available as shown here. Mature plants produce pale green to white flowers followed by black, berry-like fruits, which are eaten and spread by birds.
  • Grow best: Easy to grow. Thrives in a sheltered location or indoors, and prefers fertile soil with good drainage. Prune for size control early in the growing season. Remove only what is necessary, leaving some unpruned stems to remain for a natural vine shape
  • Use: It is grown primarily for its foliage, which forms a cover on walls or ground. Also looks great in containers and hanging baskets or sheared and trained as topiary.