Epipremnum aureum

  • Known as:  Devil’s Ivy, Money plant, Golden pothos, Ivy arum, Silver vine, Devil’s vine
  • Place of origin: French Polynesia.
  • Description: This evergreen creeper uses aerial roots to climb and adhere to surfaces. Considered invasive as it is difficult to eradicate.  Leaves are heart-shaped and flowers produced in spathes. Species include miniature and giant plants with or without variegated foliage. Popular cultivars include: ‘Marble Queen’, white to creamy leaves, blotched with green and grey-green; ‘Tricolor’, green leaves marbled with deep yellow, cream, and pale green; and ‘Wilcoxii’, with sharply-defined variegations of green and white.
  • Grow best: In water or in well-draining moist soil, in partial sun or if outdoors, in partial shade. Easily propagated by tip cuttings which take root easily in soil and even water.
  • Use: Ornamental indoors in water or outdoors on trellis or walls or even trained on trees. Looks good in hanging basket; cascading down a wall; or trained in container with a central support.  Absorbs toxic vapors. Therefore ideal as air purifier to remove indoor pollutants in offices and homes.