• Known as: Mini Pine Tree


  • Place of origin: South Africa


  • Description: An evergreen succulent that may grow to 1 m tall. The narrow, almost needle-like foliage and sparsely branched, shrubby, tree-like appearance leads to misnomer “miniature pine”. The apple-green, awl-shaped leaves occur in well-spaced pairs along fleshy upright stems that can reach waist height. Stem is woody with brown bark. Dense clusters of small creamy-white flowers appear at the branch tips.


  • Grow best: Easy to grow, but susceptible to mealy bugs and fungal diseases. Sunny spot or partial shade. Mix of garden, sandy and clayey soils, slightly acidic. Do not overwater. Propagate from single leaf planted into soil.


  • Use: Ornamental. Plant in gravel gardens, paved areas, rockeries and small containers.  Also terrariums.