• Known as: Black Hens & Chicks
  • Place of origin: Semi-desert areas of Central America, Mexico and northwestern South America
  • Description: Over 150 species exist in this genus. Evergreen or deciduous. Distinguished by succulent, fleshy, symmetrical leaves arranged as rosettes. Carry waxy bright colored blooms on short stalks that branch. These flowers attract butterflies. Often numerous offsets are produced which are popularly called ‘hen and chicks’. Many cultivars are available in nurseries. Shown here is the Black Prince.
  • Grow best: Sunny spot or partial shade. Mix of garden, sandy and clayey soils. Do not overwater. Drought resistant. Propagated easily from offsets or leaf cuttings or seeds. Hybrids do not seed.
  • Use: Ornamental. Plant in gravel gardens, paved areas, rockeries and small containers.  Ideal for carpet bedding.