• Place of origin:    South Asia.  
  • Description:          Trees can grow to more than 100 feet and bear fruits for 300 years along with providing dense shade. Species common to India are 400 varieties. Flowers in spring and fruits in summer. Some species fruit twice a year. A mango tree will benefit several generations when planted even in the corner of a garden.
  • Grow best:            Easy to care. Full sunlight. In clayey or mixed soil with water level at 30ft or less.
  • Gardening Tips:    Water adequately to ensure the taproot is well saturated but the top soil should become dry before watering again. Do not water before the flowering season but water once the fruits appear. Fertilize the tree with nitrogen fertilizer three times per year for good yield.  Appropriate pruning and checking for disease will improve the health of the trees and yield a good harvest of the king of the fruits!
  •  Use:    Raw mangoes go into salads, pickles, and amchur powder. Ripe fruits eaten fresh, in salads, juices, ice creams, mango bar, and many more desserts.


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