• Place of origin: South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean countries. Requires dry and hot climate.
  • Description: Trees grow to about 7m with long thorns and white flowers, and bears yellow citrus fruits. Mosambi flowers during January or February; fruits are ready for harvest by August-September. Fruit yields maximum when tree is about 10—20 years old. Each tree yields about 300—1,000 fruits per year. Despite the name sweet lime, the fruit is more similar to a greenish orange in appearance.


  • Grow best: In full sunlight, in well-drained loamy soil with pH slightly acidic to neutral, neither limy nor sticky.  


  • Use: Sweet lime is almost exclusively served as juice. The tree can be used for ornamental purposes.


  • Gardening Tips: It is propagated by seed; also from graft stock of tree. Seedlings can be planted in pit of size 2' x 2' and filled with soil mixed with farm-yard manure, bone-meal, etc. Fertilize once a year for five years.