• Scientific name: Couroupita guianensis (cannonball tree)


  • Place of origin: Tropical South America, India, Sri Lanka.


  • Description: Trees with large pink and white, fleshy and peculiarly fragrant flowers borne on the tree trunk and which resemble a ‘naga over a lingam’. Of note, branches hang like ropes. Leaves are shed all at once and then new leaves reappear within seven days. Fruits interestingly resemble cannonballs that are a man’s head size. Fruit is relished by monkeys as it has a stinking fleshy pulp. May be used as fodder for cattle.


  • Grow best: In bright sunlight, in moist soil.


  • Use: Ornamental tree in parks and gardens. And the flowers are used for worship dedicated to Lord Siva in India, Sri Lanka.