There was a little boy named Jack who was sent to the market by his widowed mother to sell the family cow. But on the way Jack was tricked into exchanging his milch cow for - 5 magic seeds .

Imagine that! His mother was not too happy and threw the 5 magic seeds out of the kitchen window.

Lo and behold.. the next morning Jack and his mother discovered a huge beanstalk had grown from the 5 magic seeds!

Being adventurous, Jack climbed the beanstalk to reach the clouds… and found a castle up there. And this castle belonged to a Giant who was very very rich. And the Giant ate little boys like Jack as tasty little snacks.

Now Jack hid himself and when the time was right grabbed the Giant’s money bags. And Jack ran down the Beanstalk back to his mother. But the Giant also followed behind Jack.

Jack yelled to his mother for an axe and he chopped down the beanstalk. And that was the end of the Giant.

Jack and his mother have a beautiful garden now. They are happy and live a rich life tending to their lovely garden.

The tale began with 5MagicSeeds

That jack got for his milch cow
5 Magic Seeds

that his mother threw out of the window
5 Magic Seeds

That grew into a giant beanstalk
5 Magic Seeds

At the end of the beanstalk was a castle owned by an evil giant
5 Magic Seeds

Jack got away with his gold
5 Magic Seeds

Was how now Jack and his mother have this lovely garden…